Slanting Pipes




♦ SPECIFICATIONS: (size unit:mm)

standards/Model HCA-52 HCA-75
Diameter of Pipes 50 50
A 50 50
B 50 50
I 600 860
W 500 500
H 520 750
L 2500 2500
Pipes sets 10 / 6 10 / 6
Thickness of boards 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 0.8 / 1.0
Materials ABS ABS

【For reference only】



As shown in Figure A, in sedimentation basin with a depth of H, the particles on water surface require a distance of H to deposit, while in the right-hand sedimentation basin (Figure B) with the same depth and several compartments, takes only a distance of h to shorten the sedimentation duration to up to h/H times. In other words, if the portions separated by the oblique lines are regarded as individual sedimentation basins, total depositing area is increased due to H/h times’ increase of sedimentation basins, thus enhance its depositing capability to up to H/h times. Slanting pipe with an H/h of ± 5 works exactly the same way as a continuous sedimentation basin.

♦ Rectification
The ramification of water channel creates laminar flow within the pipe, thus results in a near-perfect sediment effect. Flow status is usually expressed in Reynolds number, with a value less than 2,000, indicating laminar flow. Generally, slanting pipe has a very low Reynolds number of 30~100.


For the slanting pipes the standing pipes of the single housing should be put in the precipitation pond to achieve its function.
The housing of the slanting pipes is aimed to connect the slanting pipe at an angle of 60 degrees and from a reversed slanting arrangement of crisscross structure with the adjoining pipes.
The shape of the housing becomes the standard of rectangle with a diameter of 50 mm.

1. The "rectification" and "dual concrete effect" can truly catch the emulsion not easily precipitated.
The quality of water can be said to be excellent in a variety of precipitating facilities subject to the treatment in the slanting pipes.
The consumption of concrete agent can be saved.

2. Although ABS structure at the thickness of 1mm is used. It should be strong and can bear a weight of over 500kg because of being a complex frame.

3. The installation is easy. Just put it on the frame at the time of installation.

4. There is only one layer of the slanting pipes. Structurally. There is no bending. So that it is very convenient.

5. There is no barrier such as girdle different from the slanting board so that it is easy to look at the quality of water from the surface of the precipitate pond. The appearance is good.

6. There is no barrier at the bottom of the pond so that you can freely choose direction for collection the mud, collecting mud machines, water mud excavating machines, and conveyance belts for installation.
The space below the housing of the slanting pipes is wide and large so hat it is easy to check and maintain it.

7. Precipitation is conducted within slanting pipes so that it is no subject to the external factors such as dense current.
The slanting pipes are in the water so that there is no barrier.

8. Horizontal precipitation pond figures, rectangular precipitation ponds, and precipitation ponds of any shape can be installed.