Plastic Sewage Well




1. Complex plastics are sued: great strength. Its resistance to pressure is tested to reach 39 tons by the Department of Civil Engineering of the National Chung Hsing University.
2. The octagonal design has 4"Octagonal sewage well and 8''Octagonal sewage well bearings on all its sides So that the housing can vertically be connected to the water pipes on all of its sides and the connecting pipes do not need to bent or processed.
3. The bearing of the connecting pipes are equipped with EPDM ejection-proof plastics for the sealing of well and to prevent the habitual use of pre-cast concrete well from easily leaking and polluting the environment.
There is the set-up for shockproof set- up and minute displacement prevention.
4. Materials are plastics and assembled so that they are light and easily transported and assembled. They are convenient and do not need any cranes.
It is not subject to the restriction of narrow fireproof lane at the time of construction and can effectively save time and costs.
5. The housing uses sus304 stainless steel screw with high durability.
6. It is made of plastics so that the housing is not conductive.

Sewage line system, Hand of Telecommunications and Electricity.
Community sewage pipe connection. fastigium catchment well.



Diameter 600m/m(Assembled and height increased at your will)

Cover of Frame
Adjustable layer
Adjustable layer
4''污水處理設施(高度) 8'污水處理工程(高度)
150 150 50 300 300